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Celebration for the 100th anniversary of Grund (nursing homes ) – Reykjavik (Iceland)
October 29th , 2022

In the presence of the President of the Republic of Iceland

Message from EURAG by Dirk Jarré


EURAG president Dirk Jarré  has been elected as 1. Vice-Chair of the NGO Committee on Ageing at the UN Vienna on Monday 24th January 2022


International online conference of the Slovenian Presidency of the European Union
Contribution by Dirk Jarré,   on the topic
“Human rights for all ages: Promoting a life course perspective and intergenerational cooperation to combat ageism”
8 November 2021


Anniversary congress for the 20th anniversary of Swiss Seniors’ Council – SSR 
Bern, September 24, 2021
Message from EURAG by Dirk Jarré

International Round Table on “New Approaches to Ageing: European Model”
Zoom conference  out of Moscow , 22 September 2021
Contribution by Dirk Jarré (in and translation in Russian)


EURAG_The Budapest Declaration of 17th September 2021
The Declaration of Budapest  by Dirk Jarre
“From Representative Democracy to Participatory Democracy”
under the motto “Leave no one behind”

Conference of EURAG on “Participation of Seniors in Decision-making Processes”
Contribution by Dirk Jarré

by  two members of the Lithuanian EURAG Association, Virgilija Dolgova and Gediminas Kuliešis (original + translation)

Impressions from the conference in Budapest LT

Translation Of Impressions LT

+Photos taken by the Lithuanian members

Albanian impressions of the EURAG event in Budapest


In the frame of the WSIS 2021 forum

ICTs and Older Persons: How to improve the e-inclusion of seniors in order to ensure social fairness, avoid intergerational divide and help all ages to build resilience capacities in order to react to crises

A workshop/webinar organized by Monique Epstein – Association E-SENIORS on the 19th of April 2021


Guidelines for Mainstreaming Ageing (UNECE) _ March 2021

The Guidelines for Mainstreaming Ageing outline five stages that support countries in establishing a Strategic Framework for Mainstreaming Ageing.


European Commission’s Green Paper on « Fostering solidarity and responsibility between generations”  ( January 2021)


Covid19 : ce risque d’un choc  des générations – Le Monde 17/02/2021


On Ageism and intergenerational fairness 

On “Digital change – and the consequences for older persons”

Dirk Jarré February 2021


Press release : message from Dirk JARRE, president of EURAG

Decade of Healthy Ageing 2020–2030


2021  Älter werden: Das Beste kommt noch 

Die Jugend sucht das Abenteuer. Die Lebensmitte setzt uns unter Druck. Das Alter aber übertrifft oft unsere Erwartungen. Das macht glücklich. 

Von Rudi Novotny              -Die Zeit, 27. Januar 2021


Grievances that seniors tell us about: what could be improved! (in Paris France 2021)