EURAG’s Message Regarding the Situation of Older Persons in the Ukraine

EURAG members are collecting money for its Ukrainian organisation Age concern Ukraine. More than 5.000 EUR has been already transfered in order to support the care of the elderly who are unable to escape from the war rampage. The EURAG humanitarian aid is going  on in order to help as much as possible, even though it can never be sufficient enough, concerning the circumstances.

The European Federation of Older Persons, the oldest European voluntary organization of and for older persons, is a non-political, non-sectarian, humanistic association, functioning on the totally free contributions of its membership. Since its creation some 65 years ago, it counts individual and organizational members from most of the European countries – and this across political and ideological borders. Its objective is to improve the implementation of fundamental rights and the enjoyment of adequate living conditions for older persons, wherever they live.

In the name of all EURAG members, I confirm our full solidarity with all older persons in the Ukraine and our determination to help as much as we can through individual support or donations to charitable organization. We express our intense hope and clear demand that all acting parties will responsibly and rigorously respect older persons’ rights, recognize their special needs, and protect them from any danger affecting their lives and living conditions.

Our deep concerns and warmest feelings are with our older friends and colleagues, but also with the whole Ukrainian society, and we send them all possible thoughts and wishes – by prayers and other means of support – hoping that they can help to support and improve their optimism and confidence in again quickly forthcoming peaceful living conditions in dignity, with self-determination and full mutual respect.

In the name of EURAG – Dirk Jarré, President

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On behalf of our RASA – Riga Active Seniors Aliance – we want to congratulate
the members of EURAG with the World Old Seniors Day !

1rst of October, 2021

Best regards,
Terezija Mackare

Association « Riga active seniors alliance » (RASA)



EDITORIAL Spring 2021

Whatever the country, the finding is unanimous: seniors are not sufficiently represented and, as a result, it is difficult for them to defend their interests.
And this is true, as much at the level of districts, cities, regions, countries as at the level of Europe.

Not enough members of parliaments, governments and public administrations take consciously care of the needs and aspirations of older persons – too often considered as « people at the end of society ».

These decision-makers consider general political, economic, legal and party issues as much more important than the life realities of the older population. 

But they are wrong – and they will realize their error once they have also reached a higher age and will be in need of understanding, care and respect.

We defend respect for human dignity by referring to seniors!
But who will fight to make their needs heard, in terms of health, social life, housing, access to rights and digital technology, pensions?    And who to go to the elderly and listen to their complaints about their daily life, their loneliness.
Nowadays voices are being raised to say that we should not vaccinate seniors first, that containment is put in place because of the seniors or that it is upto them to stay confined to let the young live.
It appears more and more often in the press. But who defends their cause? Who is responding to these accusations?

We offer our seniors to be vaccinated. But to get an RV, you have to go on the Internet, as the national phone number is full and only answers “during office hours” … until 6 p.m.
But to go on the Internet, you need a computer, an Internet connection, some know-how.
And to fix an RV, you need an email address!

EURAG must be the voice of those who remain in the shade.

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January  2021

The Secretary General of the European Economic and Social Committee has informed DIRK JARRE that he has been re-appointed, by decision of the General Assembly, as Expert Delegate to the Consultative Commission on Industrial Change, CCMI, for another mandate period of 5 years – until December 2025 – belonging again to the “Diversity Europe Group”, in which Dirk is now listed as nominated by the European Federation of Older Persons, EURAG