Data about  EURAG

European Federation of Older Persons

Fédération Européenne des Personnes Agées

Federazione Europea delle Persone Anziane

Bund der älteren Generation Europas

On the last General Assembly (  November  27, 2020)  the board was reelected :

Dirk Jarré  – President,

Ing. Dana Steinova – Secretary general

Jaap van der Spek – vice president

Milos Vajs- treasurer

and  has been extended with   two officers for communication and information strategies  :

Monique Epstein (as vice president) and Roland Grunder

Foundation of EURAG  : 1962

Seat : Luxembourg

Members : organizations for and of elderly people and individual members

Countries : 27 in Europe

EURAG is a non-profit and non- religious European organization

independent of any political parties. Its purpose is to promote the

quality of life of elderly people in society, at all social and

political levels, advocating in particular:

• The maintenance of an independent life

• Strengthening participation in decision-making and care support

• The full development of their potential

• The promotion of self-help activities

• Improving elderly people’s situation and integration in society

• The safeguarding of financial security

• The representation of their interests in society

• The prevention of any kind of discrimination on grounds of age

EURAG especially promotes the co-ordination, collaboration and exchange of opinions by its members with expert and service organizations, self-help groups as well as with individuals possessing special expertise.

EURAG is the oldest and biggest umbrella organization for elderly people with the following special characteristics:

• a culture of exchange (people and information) and learning from each

others experience

• opinions on promoting civil dialogue

• a climate promoting discussion and dialogue as in a positive family,

respecting each other and promoting each others position

The low level of our membership fee makes it possible for low budget

organizations to be members. Many elderly people and organizations for elderly people do not have the ability to pay a large fee.

We are helping to promote the local hot issues of our members in their own countries during our EURAG conferences with the power of

international organization.

We are the only international NGO run by seniors for seniors which

makes us quite unique, we take special care to stay close to the ground, and to bring up important issues in a bottom-up way.