Membre organisations of EURAG2021
AlbaniaMira PirdeniAlbanian Society for All Ages (ASAG)
It was the global movement on ageing in 1999, when the United Nations proclaimed the year as the International Year of Older Persons (IYOP), which inspired the establishment of the Albanian Society for All Ages (ASAG) on October 28 th, 1999. Our mission is to work with and for older people, with an accent on older women in Albania to achieve a lasting improvement in the quality of their lives. ASAG, Albanian Society for All Ages, is an independent non-profit organization working to make Albania a better place for all ages. The vision is to work to enhance the quality of life for elderly, through social policies, advocacy and community services.
AustriaIngrid Korosec Markus KeschmannÖsterreichischer SeniorenbundViennamkeschmann@seniorenbund.at
The ÖSB is a successful and efficient organization for over more than two million senior citizens in Austria. The goal of this non-profit association is to use the experience and knowledge of the older generation to help develop the socio economic status of this country on a national level. We want to make sure that the elderly receive the same financial stability and autonomy and medical care, especially in the rural areas, as their children and grandchildren. One of the essential elements here is to have the generation 60+ actively partake in the political landscape, in Austria and the European Union. Also a big part of our work is to build a community for the seniors, to provide them with advisory and guidance in every aspect of the third chapter of life. To quote Ingrid Korosec, the president of the ÖSB, „our wealth of experience are the resources of tomorrow!“
AustriaRosemarie KurzAUSTRIAN Student Association University
The Austrian Students’ Union is a public corporation the deputises handle the political demands of the enrolled students. It is a compulsory membership which is a precondition for enrolling at any Austrian university at any age The Department of Generational Issues has been established in 1986. The 50plus students are offered consultancy. Public relationship deals with issues concerning socio-political topics such as solidarity among generations, active citizenship of older people, learning in later life, combating discrimination and more
Czech republicDana SteinovaCzech Society for Memory Training and Brain
Making people more self-confident via memory training,training memory trainers for different target groups, offering memory classes and seminars to public
DenmarkPeter Rudolf HansenDanske
Figthing for rights and benefits of the elderly – equal opportunities – fair representation – fair economis conditions – network for communities all over the country – culture and events at affordable prices – accessability!
EstoniaSiiri JaaksonNGO
NGO 65B is one of the first organisations in Estonia who introduces the view about older people as one in need of development opportunities instead of recovery and help. During the 5 years NGO 65B has been initiating several movements and composing several unique tools to be used as facilitation and empowerment tools for older people in the process of learning and development.
Combating the digital divide affecting the seniors: let’s cooperate for e-Inclusion of Seniors       and Healthy and  Active Aging
As digital world is expanding and playing a growing part in our existence it remains primarily adapted and oriented to younger generations. Older people find themselves increasingly isolated as more services, information and activities become transformed into a digital format, being more distant and non personal.
LithuaniaRita SlaitaiteEURAG Association  
To develop and promote public respect and tolerance for older people, their choises and attitudes; to unite tolerant groups in order to strengthen intergenerational solidarity, better understand and adress the challenges of aging, and to unite all other tolerant people in working together for the right of older people to a dignified life strenghtening mutual communication and assistance, promoting international cooperation, political activism, organization and initiative.
Russian federationSveta HandenSaint Petersburg charitable voluntary organisation of civic education « House of projects »Saint
promoting solidarity, understanding between generations; helping people in their personal self-realization and social competencies, as well as in the development of leadership
Slovak republicAneta ZubekováSlovak Union of PensionersBratislavajds@jds.sk
Slovak Union of Pensioners (SUP): – protects the rights and legitimate demands of pensioners for rightful and dignified pension provision, health and social care; – helps in peparation the citizens for life and work at retirement age; – monitors the development of pensioners living standard and propose appropriate measures; – provides social , medical and legal counselling assistance to its members; – participates in the organisation of health, reconditioning, spa and recreational , sports and tourist care for pensioners; – helps in the implementation of lifelong learning and supportss the cultural and social activities of seniors; – is a member of the international seniors organisation EURAG and European Economy and Social Committee (EESC).
Slovenia Jozica PuharNika AntolašićSlovene Federation of Pensioners´ Association Ljubljana
ZDUS is a non-governmental umbrella organization bringing together 503 local pensioner organizations and clubs. With more than 233.000 members, it is the largest membership organization in Slovenia. It was founded in 1946.
SloveniaAna KrajncSlovenian Third Age
Slovenian Third Age University is a long and rich story of education for and about older people. A story about older people’s culture, research, development, advocacy, volunteering and guidance for active ageing. A story of intergenerational co-operation  meant for bettering life and achieving greater social fairness. Currently Slovenian Third Age University is   network of 55 universities.