Grievances that seniors tell us about: what could be improved! 2021 Paris

1. It would be useful for everyone to take more account of the opinions of seniors in the context of civic life: in Paris there are just 3 out of 20 arrondissements that have senior councils and these structures do not deal with that of the organization of the commemorative meetings of veterans

2. The city offers very few specific activities for seniors

There is only the social action center, which takes care of the poor and disadvantaged seniors, which offers a few places and activities from ”one upon a time” , such as card games.

Only wealthy municipalities such as Issy les Moulineaux have created dedicated senior activity places (cyber clubs for example) with libraries, workshops (including IT, physical (organized hikes) or intellectual activities

3. Politicians are only interested in seniors at the time of municipal elections in order to get their votes back

4. In times of COVID, vaccines are currently offered to residents of EHPADs with the ulterior motive of freeing beds in hospitals and offloading the work of doctors – otherwise, during this year, only private associations have proposed online activities for seniors

5. Seniors, isolated at their home, do not receive useful information, especially in times of health crisis about masks or the possibility of having their groceries delivered, for example.

6. In order to facilitate home care, computer equipment and digital services and the necessary training should be developed