November 27th, 2020  from 10.00 am till 11.10 am

Draft Minutes

Participants:Chair: Dirk Jarré (EURAG president)Board members: Dana Steinova (Secretary General),Milos Vajs (vice-president), Jaap van der Spek (vice-president)
 Andrea Fritz (Czech Rep)Peter Hansen, Povl Anker Andersen (Denmark)Francoise Pettelat, Monique Epstein, Moira Allan(France) Christian Wienberg (Germany)Gabor Hegyesi (Hungary)Gísli Páll Pálsson(Iceland)Raziel Zwang(Israel)Rita Slaitate, Povl Butkus (Lithuania)Olga Murdzeva Skaric.(Macedonia)Grazyna Busse (Poland)Alexander Artemiev (Russia)Aneta Zubekova (Slovakia)Jožica Puhar (Slovenia)Roland Grunder (Switzerland)
1. Opening of the meeting by presidentDirk Jarré welcomed all the participants of the very first virtual EURAG General Assembly ever
2. Result of elections by Secretary GeneralDana Steinova announced the result of elections: every country had one vote only according to the EURAG Statutes, she specified 19 countries which performed their electorial duty:Austria,Belgium,CzechRep.,Denmark,France,Germany,Hungary,Italy, Iceland,Lithuania,Luxembourg,Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland,Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland,U.K.,Ukraine,6 countries abstained from voting:Albania, Croatia, Estonia, Israel,Latvia, Russia,
3. President introduced the re-elected board members and a new vice-president for communicationDirk Jarré  president,Dana Steinova -secretary generalJaap van der Spek -vice presidentMilos Vajs-treasurerMonique Epstein-vice president for communicationDirk introduced the board members and their realms of responsibilities and appointed Roland Grunder as a communication officer who is taking over the EURAG website
4. Roland Grunder Roland introduced himself and his CV and offered his professional skills for the benefit of EURAG´s website.The president  very appreciated Roland´s commitment
5. President´s  report on AGE Platform EuropeDirk Jarré reported on AGE Platform Europe role, position of EURAG in AGE Platform and reasons why he suggests to cease our membership in AGE PlatformAGE is permanently increasing the membership fees despite the fact that 80 % of its income is coming as a subsidy from the European Commission and the rest is covered by membership fees. But it is not enough to cover the wages of ten fully paid employees.EURAG is reality does not fit into AGE Platform because it is an international organisation,the other members are all national organisations.And besides that EURAG is run by volunteers and its only income comes from our membership fees.Participants of the virtual General Assembly voted for ceasing EURAG membership in AGE Platform, 20 votes were PRO leaving AGE, one abstained from voting.Dirk counted the votes.
       6. Milos Vajs´s approvalMilos Vajs who was responsible for the correct procedure approved Dirk´s counting.
7. EURAG economy-report by  secretary general  Dana Steinova informed about income and expenditures of EURAG in 2019, the year when the EURAG account was moved from BKS Bank in Vienna to KB Bank in Prague
          8.Jaap van der Spek´s approvalJaap van der Spek approved the Balance sheet 2019
9.  President closes the General AssemblyDirk Jarré believes that with re-elected board members and the new elected members of board EURAG is moving towards a bright future .Its role in strongly and successfully promoting a future of “A society for all ages “He believes that reorganisation of our website will help to make EURAG more visible and more useful for its members.
10. Secretary General informs about the next General Council meetingIIf the pandemic situation allows us the next general council meeting will take place in Kiev,Ukraine from April 7-11th, 2021