Member organisations of EURAG2021
AlbaniaMira PirdeniAlbanian Society for All Ages (ASAG)
It was the global movement on ageing in 1999, when the United Nations proclaimed the year as the International Year of Older Persons (IYOP), which inspired the establishment of the Albanian Society for All Ages (ASAG) on October 28 th, 1999. Our mission is to work with and for older people, with an accent on older women in Albania to achieve a lasting improvement in the quality of their lives. ASAG, Albanian Society for All Ages, is an independent non-profit organization working to make Albania a better place for all ages. The vision is to work to enhance the quality of life for elderly, through social policies, advocacy and community services.
AustriaIngrid Korosec Markus KeschmannÖsterreichischer
The ÖSB is a successful and efficient organization for over more than two million senior citizens in Austria. The goal of this non-profit association is to use the experience and knowledge of the older generation to help develop the socio economic status of this country on a national level. We want to make sure that the elderly receive the same financial stability and autonomy and medical care, especially in the rural areas, as their children and grandchildren. One of the essential elements here is to have the generation 60+ actively partake in the political landscape, in Austria and the European Union. Also a big part of our work is to build a community for the seniors, to provide them with advisory and guidance in every aspect of the third chapter of life. To quote Ingrid Korosec, the president of the ÖSB, „our wealth of experience are the resources of tomorrow!“
AustriaRosemarie KurzAUSTRIAN Student Association University
The Austrian Students’ Union is a public corporation the deputises handle the political demands of the enrolled students. It is a compulsory membership which is a precondition for enrolling at any Austrian university at any age The Department of Generational Issues has been established in 1986. The 50plus students are offered consultancy. Public relationship deals with issues concerning socio-political topics such as solidarity among generations, active citizenship of older people, learning in later life, combating discrimination and more
CroatiaPetra VučemilovićUdruga TREĆA STAZA (Association THIRD PATH)
NGO HALO za POMOĆ (Hello for Help) was established and technically equipped with the support of foreign donation for implementation of social programme of 24 hours assistance by phone to older and disabled persons in Split and its surrounding . This innovate programme, called Social TeleCare, were accepted by all persons in need that live alone as well as by the public and the way we implemented – it was a good praxis example for the whole Croatia. Unfortunately the programme was interrupted at the end of 2017! It was not possible to execute this programme according to EU technical, ethical and social standards without the financial support by local community which citizens were beneficiaries. Our local community, city of Split and the County of Split and Dalmatia, paid by the citizens, have not recognized in 15 years of our work the effects and importance of this Social programme though it serves to its most vulnerable citizens – older persons and disabled who want to live longer and safer at their homes. They do not know to appreciate – what we done through countless warm conversations with these isolated persons, through our visiting and saving their lives in more of  thousand  of falls and other accidents in there homes…..
When we stopped with 24h monitoring only media dealt with that and our beneficiaries. Because of that is our HALO za POMOĆ (Hello for Help) still at web site as we sometimes are contacted by persons that use our functional devices and contact their relatives in need. I do not know whether anyone shall continue this programme while it is unprofitable and can not exist without support of local community. 
But, somebody who have compassion for vulnerable groups in the society – can not leave them just like that ! This is why, I and few of my colleagues who worked for many years together  in HALO za POMOĆ, decided to implement our experience and knowledge on needs and problems of older and vulnerable population  – now in a different way.
Czech republicDana SteinovaCzech Society for Memory Training and Brain
Making people more self-confident via memory training,training memory trainers for different target groups, offering memory classes and seminars to public
Czech republicPavel KalvachCouncil of Seniors of the Czech
Scope of the RS CR(1) The aim of the RS CR as a representative of seniors is to cooperate in draftingintergenerational relations, dialogue and tolerance, activation of the older generation for clergy,cultural, social, economic and societal development, including lifelong learning, andleisure activities.(2) In order to achieve these goals, the activities of the RS CR are focused on:a) adequate social status, standard of living and social security,b) quality and affordable health and social care,2c) adequate housing, including a state guarantee of housing affordability,d) legal assistance in solving problems,e) conditions for social, hobby, cultural, sports, educational involvement of seniors, f) development of humanitarian aid and development of care for the elderly,g) the application of the potential, intellect and experience of seniors in society and the development of formstheir activities,h) employment of seniors in the labor market, creation and implementation of active projects and conceptspopulation aging,i) expansion of 3rd age universities at universities, lifelong learning centers,development of research on senior issues, dissemination of information and educationprograms for seniors in the media,j) provision of professional social counseling pursuant to Section 37 of Act No. 108/2006 Coll.,k) provision of advice in housing, legal and health matters.l) ownership of publishing rights to publish the periodical Doba seniorů,m) involvement in international senior organizations.
DenmarkPeter Rudolf HansenDanske seniorerCopenhagen
Danish Seniors is a nationwide interest organization with both organization members and member associations, clubs and institutions.
We work to ensure that everyone has the opportunity for a secure senior life that belongs to it 
right pill in the right mouth: everyone who receives more than 3 types of medicine must be entitled to an annual review of the medicine list. We do not accept 5,000 annual deaths and 100,000 hospitalizations each year due to incorrect medication easy access to good and cheap examinations, glasses and contact lenses as well as hearing aids and that the municipalities provide dental and prosthetic care, including care dental carepeople with dementia and their relatives receive qualified treatment and counselingseniors in hospitals, in care centers and in home care are treated respectfully and professionally qualified. We support that the staff have good working conditions, without too much bureaucracy. We support the Elderly Commission’s 40 recommendations.a dignified death and the right to decide for oneself over the course that we are active in elderly politics across all political parties to take care of and improve the conditions for all seniors in Denmarkmore choices in the housing market to suit the wishes of modern seniors for well-being in the 3rd agea sea of ​​communities and diverse cultural offerings make a difference in Danish society and give the 3rd age a greater quality of life
DenmarkPovl Anker AndersenGlobale
Global Seniors…A network for seniors who are passionate about European and global cooperation. We use our experience and commitment to create activity and awareness around international issues, and we support seniors’ opportunities and conditions in general.Who are Global Seniors?Global Seniors is the network for everyone with experience from international cooperation. Everyone who has the desire and strength to continue an international commitment on the other side of an active effort in the labor market or in an interest organization. But Global Seniors is also for everyone else who misses a platform for a burning international commitment.Visibility and commitmentGlobal seniors are a network for anyone seeking global vision and commitment. We try to embrace many years of different experiences with international work – at home, in Europe and in the world. Our concrete experiences are different, but the perspective is the same. We can only understand and change the world if we see the challenges in a global perspective. This applies not only to what is far from us, it also applies to the near, the challenges at home!Valuable experiencesMore and more people with experience from international work are stepping down or leaving the labor market in these years. This applies to those with experience of building a new, more peaceful and co-operative Europe. And this applies to those with experience of solidarity work with developing countries, where there is still political repression and exploitation through unequal trading conditions and tax evasion.Global seniors will ensure that experience is not spread and lost. We will gather the members’ experiences and bring them into play in new contexts. The network is a platform for collaboration across generations, and it is also the ambition that we can challenge for an active political life for all age groups.Purpose ofGlobal Seniors Global Seniors have a vision of an equal, solidary and collaborative world.Our mission is to:Contribute to activities that improve conditions for women and men living with oppression, war, poverty and social distressCreate opportunities for seniors to get involved in international cooperation to strengthen global awareness and solidarity.Carry out and support information work in Denmark that can contribute to spreading understanding of global conditionsIncluded in this mission, Global Seniors works to strengthen the rights of the elderly globally.Global Seniors emphasizes that the work for the mission to take place in a broad collaboration with other organizations and institutions, both in the international area and in the elderly area.Global Seniors’ ValuesThe values ​​of Global Seniors are the European Convention on Human Rights, the two UN conventions on civil / political and economic / cultural / social rights and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.Global Seniors has since the Articles of Association of March 20, 2014 been a collective member of the Professional International Center, FIC, and through that member of SOLIDAR.Global Seniors has been a member of Global Focus since 1 October 2015 and from 1 December 2016 also a member of Help Age International.
EstoniaSiiri JaaksonNGO
NGO 65B is one of the first organisations in Estonia who introduces the view about older people as one in need of development opportunities instead of recovery and help. During the 5 years NGO 65B has been initiating several movements and composing several unique tools to be used as facilitation and empowerment tools for older people in the process of learning and development.
Combating the digital divide affecting the seniors: let’s cooperate for e-Inclusion of Seniors       and Healthy and  Active Aging
As digital world is expanding and playing a growing part in our existence it remains primarily adapted and oriented to younger generations. Older people find themselves increasingly isolated as more services, information and activities become transformed into a digital format, being more distant and non personal.
IcelandGisli Pall PalssonGrund
Member since 1994 and  Gisli Sigurbjörnsson  ( grandfather of Gisla Pals) was one of the foundersGisli Pall is the CEO at Grund Group in Iceland, which consists of three nursing homes: Grund, Mörk and AS as well as 2 real estate companies GM and IEB. Around 400 residents live in the nursing homes and 700 employees work at the homes, som part-time. The 154 apartments in the real estate companies are intended for people 60 years old and older. Gisli Pall is also the chairman of the Association of firms in welfare services in Iceland
IsraelRaziel ZwangHistadrut for pensionersTel, LINK
The Retirement Organization is the representative organization of the 800,000 retirees living in the State of Israel. The Pensioners’ Federation fights for an increase in the level and quality of life of retirees when its work touches on all levels and issues that affect the daily life of the retiree.
LatviaTheresa MackareRASAbiedriba.rasa@inbox.lv
SOCIETY “RIGA ACTIVE SENIORS ALLIANCE” (RASA)The Society set up in late 2010 with the aim of promoting Riga (and Riga planning region  seniors) aged 50 years socialization and integration processes. Currently, the Society has more than 700 members (individuals). The Society has granted public benefit status.Society’s aims and objectives:1. Identify and merge the assets of seniors and other people with their own enthusiasms and non-governmental organizations, local civil society in the city of Riga.2. Human Rights and the rights of the individual, social and economic rights and interests of consumers, their material and spiritual well-being and promote active public involvement in democratic processes.3. Build a community participatory model that provides Societies and interested community groups and views are the principle of equality in decision-making at all levels of policy-making cycles.4. The development of the process of socialization and social integration.5. Enable seniors and other members volunteering using the internal resources of the Society.6. Increase the role of seniors in accordance with the principle of succession, the public sector, politics and business.7. To establish continuous communication and to participate actively in the Baltic States and other European Union countries capitals seniors or similar organizations from other twinning cities. 8. To facilitate the discussion in the municipality of current governance issues by participating in advisory boards within the municipality and fostering the merger of organizations – an active community activities and other activities.9 .To educate the public of all ages, including organizing training, conferences, seminars, workshops and other educational events.10.Take financial fund raising, project development, participation in competitions, concluding an agreement with the local government authorities for separate functions, as well as accepting donations and conduct other business.11. To promote and support active and healthy lifestyles by promoting health and preventing disease.12.Involve the public cultural and educational activities, realizing lifelong learning. 13. Mobilising and supporting the Latvian population to ensure a person’s right to a dignified life, adapting to the changing socio-economic conditions.14. Supporting and organizing charity events.15. Encourage and support the activities of pre-school and youth education.16. Membership EURAG run organization at EU level, and to cooperate with other seniors non-governmental organizations in Europe, in Latvia and the world.
LithuaniaRita SlaitaiteEURAG Association
To develop and promote public respect and tolerance for older people, their choises and attitudes; to unite tolerant groups in order to strengthen intergenerational solidarity, better understand and address the challenges of aging, and to unite all other tolerant people in working together for the right of older people to a dignified life strengthening mutual communication and assistance, promoting international cooperation, political activism, organization and initiative.
MoldovaȚîmbalari VeronicaBulicanu EcaterinaAssociation for Education
The Association Neoumanist is a non-governmental organisation registered in the Republic of Moldova in November 2000 by the Ministry of Justice (registration number: 1566). Statutes and CVs are annexed to this application.Neoumanist serves the most vulnerable groups of society, the elderly, and has several goals and visions: to improve the quality of life of the elderly, to help the society to gain more respect for human values, to improve the standards of education, and to help people/elderly to gain a sense of harmony and a decent standard of living. The main vision of Neoumanist is that every human being regardless of race, creed, sex, or social status, has the right to have his/her own basic needs met including nourishment, accommodation, medical care, clothing and education. Neoumanist believes that development is a balanced process that maintains equilibrium between industry and environment, urban and rural growth, and human needs and available resources. Development should decrease the gap between rich and poor and provide opportunities for all. Appropriate development begins with the social and cultural framework of each community.  It enables underprivileged communities to gain a greater degree of independence to determine their own futures.The projects of Neoumanist stand for quality services and provide assistance to vulnerable elderly people in the town of Straseni and villages of the district Straseni.
PolandGrazina BusseHIPOKAMP Association
The “HIPOKAMP” Association is a socio-educational organization, the main goal of which is to conduct educational, social and cultural activities as well as charity and care for all age groups of the community living in the area of ​​the Association’s activities, in particular:
1. Development and promotion of science, education, education and upbringing in all social and age groups2. Dissemination of culture and art and protection of cultural goods and traditions, cultivation of Polishness and development of national and cultural awareness3. Protection and promotion of health as well as promotion of physical culture and sport4. Social assistance, including help for families and people in a difficult life situation and at risk of social exclusion, providing equal opportunities for these people and families;5. Charity activities6. Supporting and promoting the idea and raising awareness of active, dignified aging, health, intergenerational solidarity and social inclusion7. Actions for the disabled8. Promoting environmental awareness and protection of natural heritage9. Promoting and undertaking sightseeing and recreational activities for children and youth10. Actions for European integration and national minorities11. Shaping civic awareness in all social and age groups12. Promoting ideas and activities aimed at the development of the information society, regardless of age and social status.13. Promoting employment and professional activation of the unemployed and people at risk of losing a job14. Support for economic development and development of entrepreneurship
Russian federationSveta HandenSaint Petersburg charitable voluntary organisation of civic education “House of projects”Saint
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promoting solidarity, understanding between generations; helping people in their personal self-realization and social competencies, as well as in the development of leadershipSaint Petersburg charitable voluntary organization of civil education “House of projects» was founded on July 26, 2001to promote the ideas of folk enlightenment.We promote solidarity, mutual understanding between generationsWe assist people in their personal self-realization and social competencies and in developing leadershipWe do it partly through cooperation with related organizations in Russia and in other countrie
Slovak republicAneta ZubekováSlovak Union of PensionersBratislavajds@jds.sk
Slovak Union of Pensioners (SUP): – protects the rights and legitimate demands of pensioners for rightful and dignified pension provision, health and social care; – helps in peparation the citizens for life and work at retirement age; – monitors the development of pensioners living standard and propose appropriate measures; – provides social , medical and legal counselling assistance to its members; – participates in the organisation of health, reconditioning, spa and recreational , sports and tourist care for pensioners; – helps in the implementation of lifelong learning and supports the cultural and social activities of seniors; – is a member of the international seniors organisation EURAG and European Economy and Social Committee (EESC).
Slovenia Jozica PuharDijana LukićSlovene Federation of Pensioners´ Association Ljubljanajozica.puhar@zdus-zveza.sitajnistvo@zdus-zveza.si
ZDUS is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, established in 1946, organized as an umbrella organization of 13 regional members, bringing together 500 local associations of pensioners and clubs, including over 186.000 members all over Slovenia (11% of Slovenian population). As the largest membership organisation representing older people and with the status of a humanitarian organisation and a public interest organisation for the area of social services and culture, its main goal is to improve the quality of life of older people in many different areas.
SloveniaAna KrajncSlovenian Third Age
Slovenian Third Age University is a long and rich story of education for and about older people. A story about older people’s culture, research, development, advocacy, volunteering and guidance for active ageing. A story of intergenerational co-operation  meant for bettering life and achieving greater social fairness. Currently Slovenian Third Age University is   network of 55 universities.
SwitzerlandRoland GrunderSwiss seniors
The Swiss Seniors’ Council has existed since November 2001 and acts as an advisory body on age issues for the Federal Council.Guiding principleThe Swiss Seniors Council (SSR) represents the economic and social concerns of older people vis-à-vis the federal government, associations, institutions, the media and the public.In view of the future demographic development, according to which the older generation will make up almost a quarter of the total population, it is important that future statutory regulations are designed to be age-compatible.It’s not about creating privileges for the older generation. Rather, regulations should be made that adequately take into account the legitimate concerns of senior citizens. aimsThe SSR in particular wantspreserve the dignity, quality of life and autonomy of the elderly;improve the public image of this population group;promote the participation of older generations in society and solidarity between the generations;protect the social, cultural and economic interests of the elderly;promote the further development of a generational and socially compatible social safety net for the entire population;represent the older generations in those organizations that are actively involved in aging policy areas.To achieve these goalsthe SSR maintains contacts with the responsible federal agencies in order to be able to participate in the preparation of social, socio-political and age-related bills by the federal administration;the SSR participates in consultation procedures on this subject;the SSR advises the Federal Council on age issues and performs tasks assigned to it by the Federal Council, parliament or the departments;the SSR prepares its own projects and recommendations for submission to the federal authorities;the SSR organizes events to publicize its goals and promote its activities;the SSR works together with other organizations striving for similar goals.
UKValerie Wood-Gaiger Learn with
1. Protect and cherish our people, our community and planet – it’s our home. 2. Reunite the generations using IT as a bridge. 3. Record all that is good from our histories, culture, traditions, heritage, and skills, etc. 4. Encourage teachers, parents and grandparents to instil a love of learning, create lasting memories and have fun together. 5. Encourage respect between the generations and show that each generation has skills they can learn from the other. 6. Encourage intergenerational learning and active ageing projects. 7. Research, create, and provide learning material and resources and encourage a reading culture. 8. Use the internet to share knowledge of the world to every corner of the world. The internet is a digital international library, accessible to all. 9. Work with organisations in other countries to promote these aims internationally.
UkraineGalina PoliakovaUkrainian Charity “Turbota pro Litnich v Ukraini” (TLU)
The TLU mission is to protect rights and interests of elder people in Ukraine.The TLU has been founded in 1999. Nowadays it has branches in 9 Ukrainian cities and unites about 1500 volunteers aged 60+ TLU trainers provide training and supervision sessions to elder volunteers. Trained volunteers 60+ provide services to their peers, who need support, advice, info, and protection. 48 city medical centres are regularly monitored by TLU volunteers in 9 cities to ensure that elder people feel comfortable and not discriminated. On the monthly basis TLU volunteers monitor the prices in local pharmacies and inform people about prices for most popular medicines. The information is circulated through TV and radio programmes, by leaflets, etc. TLU volunteers participate in their local city councils and committees representing elder citizens interests and being their voice and advocates. TLU experts participate in the National Council on Coordinating Volunteer and Charity Aid at the Ministry of Social Policy and in the Interagency Task Force on Developing National Action Plan on Ageing.Since July 2014 TLU representatives take an active part in the work of Food Security Cluster, Protection Cluster and OCHA.   The TLU experts participate in the working group on drafting legislative proposals and revision of enactments.Another field of the TLU concern is focused on dementia caused problems, the needs of formal and informal carers. TLU has provided training sessions for 1800 carers working from municipal social services, to 504 National Police officers. TLU has translated 14 study videos on kind permission of the California University.