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In the frame of the WSIS 2021 forum

ICTs and Older Persons: How to improve the e-inclusion of seniors in order to ensure social fairness, avoid intergerational divide and help all ages to build resilience capacities in order to react to crises

A workshop/webinar organized by Monique Epstein – Association E-SENIORS on the 19th of April 2021


Guidelines for Mainstreaming Ageing (UNECE) _ March 2021

The Guidelines for Mainstreaming Ageing outline five stages that support countries in establishing a Strategic Framework for Mainstreaming Ageing.


European Commission’s Green Paper on “Fostering solidarity and responsibility between generations”  ( January 2021)


Covid19 : ce risque d’un choc  des générations – Le Monde 17/02/2021


On Ageism and intergenerational fairness 

On “Digital change – and the consequences for older persons”

Dirk Jarré February 2021


Press release : message from Dirk JARRE, president of EURAG

Decade of Healthy Ageing 2020–2030


2021  Älter werden: Das Beste kommt noch 

Die Jugend sucht das Abenteuer. Die Lebensmitte setzt uns unter Druck. Das Alter aber übertrifft oft unsere Erwartungen. Das macht glücklich. 

Von Rudi Novotny              -Die Zeit, 27. Januar 2021


Grievances that seniors tell us about: what could be improved! (in Paris France 2021)